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AAM Investment Solutions Consultant

Date Posted
21st June 2019
Job Type
Excellent Benefits

Job Description

Job purpose

Ensure that Aegon Asset Management can deliver to the clients in the chosen markets the right investment solutions (products, services and knowledge) and suitable strategic asset allocation advice with a strong focus on the client’s liabilities and financial regulations, specializing in investment solutions, asset-liability management techniques and liability-driven investing.

Key Responsibilities

  • You will take the lead in providing investment related services (advisory) for our clients in chosen markets. You will act as sparring partner for sales and account management teams and will represent Client Investment Solutions as the go-to team for all client questions regarding ALM, strategic asset allocation, LDI/CDI and the impact of financial market regulation (such as Solvency II).
  • You will be responsible for client cases regarding complex investment related topics in such a way that the clients’ question is answered. The objective is to use your financial knowledge to find the best suitable solution for the client or prospect either by making use of the available investment strategies within Aegon Asset Management or by creating new bespoke solutions (whilst being mindful of the business impact).
  • You will initiate improvements in existing products or initiate the development of new products. The goal is to make sure the product is able to meet the requirements of a client.
  • You will contribute to the publication of research papers and articles. This can be on a stand-alone basis as well as in collaboration with a colleague in the team. You will contribute to developing Aegon Asset Managements’ Investment Solutions Center as ‘thought leader’.
  • Maintain and update investment knowledge of AAM products  and the general investment markets.  This involves fulfilling all training and compliance requirements, as necessary, and ensuring personal knowledge is always up-to-date and of sufficient depth.
  • Responsible for compliance with the regulatory and legislative regime as it impacts your role and for ensuring that risks are identified, reported and managed accordingly.
  • Contribute to ensuring that the AAM Europe CIS domain consistently applies the principles of TCF, demonstrating with words and actions that the client perspective is always considered in decision making.


In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed, the job holder may be required to perform other duties assigned by his/her manager from time to time so long as such duties are within the scope and ability of the job holder.

Qualifications, skills and experience

  • Master degree in a quantitative study like Econometrics, Actuarial Sciences or Applied Mathematics, preferably with additional investment qualification.
  • Meets the criteria to be appropriately certified under the relevant regulatory regime, and meet the compulsory requirements on conduct, knowledge, skills and expertise now and on an ongoing basis to be classified as Fit & Proper for the role.
  • Proven, relevant industry experience.
  • Client focus with strong social skills, being able to understand and act according to somebody else’s point of view.
  • Proven knowledge and experience on financial markets and investments.
  • Strong analytical mindset and experience with quantitative models.

Key stakeholders

  • Sales and account management teams, to ensure a high level of service and knowledge is delivered for the client.
  • The broader CIO-team for proper implementation of proposed solutions.
  • Product and Commercial Strategy teams, to ensure that the design of new solutions can be implemented.
  • Work closely with the marketing team to ensure proper alignment of research topics with Aegon Asset Management’s priorities.


Business impact

High impact role, crucial for the execution of the Aegon Asset Management strategy.

Budget Responsibility

Act within the budget constraints for Investment Solutions, and exercise a responsible approach to all forms of expenditure.

Core capabilities

  • Customer focus: understanding what drives our customers and the urge to solve  the clients’ issues is crucial for the success of the investment solutions for our clients. We aim to support and guide our clients through providing relevant and informative ‘thought leadership’.
  • Professional Competency & Problem Solving: continuously improving our professional skill set will enable us to design new, winning, solutions.
  • Innovation: the mindset must be tilted towards innovation given the ever changing market circumstances.
  • Adaptability: as Client Investment Solutions will enter new markets, you must be able to adapt to these new markets.
  • Teamwork: Client Investment Solutions will work closely together with other departments. The capability to work in a team in such a way that the team is a ‘high performing’ team is very important.